Pieces To Get From Think and Grow Rich

Think and grow rich was written back in 1937. It is one of the timeless classics everyone should read at least once in their lifetime. Napoleon spent his years interviewing millionaires and he summarized them into this book. If you haven’t read it, it’s time that you get it with offers & coupons. This book will make you feel in control rather helpless in the game of money.

Your Thoughts Have Power

Napoleon suggests that thinking is more conducive to financial success than other things we believe are the cause of it. For example, our financial is highly affected by our education, upbringing, sources, and knowledge. So Hill proposes that getting the abundance mindset is the first step in radically changing your life. Everyone can have the best Amsterdam holiday. The universe doesn’t discriminate. It will return whatever you ask for. Your thoughts have power. Be careful about what you think, and what you feed your mind.

Having a Specialty is Better Than Being a Jack of All Trades

According to the book, there are two types of knowledge: general knowledge and specialized knowledge. General knowledge may open opportunities for you while having specialized knowledge or “speciality” will bring you success. Another theory that supports this ideology is that our brain functions well when we are focused on one thing. It is the same focus that lets you study the artworks in van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. When you multitask, the quality of your work is not as good when you are focused.

Procrastination Equals Dissatisfaction

If you have a goal but can’t accomplish it due to procrastination. You’ll have the feeling disappointment, a feeling of failure that’s going to hunt you. Procrastination is a terrible thing because it can be a habit. If you have this habit, you will not win in life. Or it’s easy to say, you already gave up on life. So build a website, start whatever you set your mind into. Don’t let procrastinate eat the years away.